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Electric marking needle for electric marking machine

time:2018-08-28       hits:771

Electric marking needle for electric marking machine

Electric marking needle sound small, powerful, engraved depth, for nameplate or product parts can 

be marked, no gas source, very convenient and practical. The electric marking needle of Chongqing

 Zixu marking Machine Company is made from imported high-quality cemented carbide, which is 

three times the service life of ordinary alloys on the market. And this electric marking needle printing 

depth can be compared with pneumatic marking machine ordinary needle printing depth, printing effect.

 This electric marking needle is a new electric marking needle developed by the company. Compared

 with the usual electric marking needle on the market, the failure rate is very low and it won't burn out easily.

electric marking needle


1 .Why is the price of your home marking machine higher than others?

We are more professional, 14 years of marking machine research and development and production

 team of experts, we serve better, we recruit agents from all over the country and foreign agents, agents

 throughout the country can come to our doors, our marking machine configuration is high, long life, 

good use effect

2 .we can not operate what to do?

We have professional marking machine software operating instructions and operating video, we can also

 become a professional technical operating engineer, can be remote guidance

3. How to repair the marking machine?

Our marking machine is guaranteed for one year. After one year, the spare parts will be charged according

 to the cost. The small spare parts will be returned to the factory free of charge. Only the freight will be charged.

4. Do you recruit agents?

We are a marking machine factory, has been looking for agents, we marking the national sales share of 70%, 

are agents, agent policy can consult customer service

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