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Zixu marking machine factory boosts 2018 Smart China Expo

time:2018-08-27       hits:664

Zixu marking machine factory boosts 2018 Smart China Expo

Zixu Provide the  chassis number machine,cnc metal engraving machine,mini engraving machine for

 metal in this exhibitionThe first Chonging  Fair was successfully held in Yuelai Convention and Exhibition 

Center. During the period from August 23 to 25, there were 13 exhibition areas located in the National Expo 

Center, with a total area of 180,000 square meters. At that time, a number of "black technology" in the field 

of large data intelligence at home and abroad will be presented.

There are a total of 13 exhibition areas, including the exhibition central square atmosphere building, the East

 order Hall publishing center, news center, and so on. When entering the exhibition hall, it was the central hall

 of the exhibition, which mainly displayed the spirit of the instructions of the party Central Committee on the 

development of big data. The Chongqing Pavilion displayed Chongqing's plans around the party Central 


In big data intelligent work measures, industrial layout, development bright spots, and so on; the enterprise

 booth is mainly to show the achievements of various enterprises in the relevant fields of intelligence industry 

of big data. The central hall of the exhibition is the S Pavilion to the left and the N Pavilion to the right is mainly 

some large state-owned enterprises and the Intelligent Manufacturing Museum, showing the latest achievements 

in intelligent equipment and manufacturing, intelligent robots.

At this exhibition, Chongqing zixu represented Beibei enterprises to participate in the intellectual Expo. In the 

N3 Pavilion, the Beibei Hall N3 Pavilion serves as a special exhibition area of the main district, counties and 

parks, and its area of 11500 square meters will also focus on displaying the relevant districts and counties of

 Chongqing. Development Zone and Industrial Park in big data intelligent field related products and applications.

 Zixu engraved company in the exhibition site received a lot of praise from visitors, and visitors experience 

laser cell phone engraving, etc., the audience participated in a lot of people.