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Do you know why the mini laser marking machine is active?

time:2018-10-09       hits:737

Do you know why the mini laser marking machine is active?

With the rapid development of laser technology, mini-laser marking machine, laser welding machine, laser cutting machine are more and more widely used in the industrial field. It can be said that everywhere laser, such as electronic industry, automobile manufacturing, hardware, shipping, civil and military fields, and many other fields, mini-laser marking. Laser marking machine is one of the indispensable processing methods. While the application of laser is gradually expanding, the market demand for the application of laser technology is also growing. It gradually compresses the market share occupied by the traditional way. As one of the directions of laser application, laser marking-mini laser marking machine is becoming more and more active in the market. 

mini laser marking machine

The following points:

1, the device is compact and easy to move.
2, fast marking.
3, strong stability;
4, will not damage the surface of processed goods, marked surface smooth and texture;
5. Wide range of applications, such as stainless steel ornaments, clocks and watches, molds, IC, mobile phone buttons and other industries of fine marking;
6. The computer software control system is used in the whole laser processing process, which is flexible and convenient to operate without manual error, and can effectively reduce the bad rate of enterprise label.
7, the processing process will not produce toxic and harmful substances, will not cause damage to the environment and human body.

8, high precision;

mini laser marking machine

With the increasing market demand, many start-up weeks have begun to invest in the mini-laser marking machine industry, different brands, models of laser equipment is more and more, the direct result is the increasingly serious homogenization of products, making the current laser equipment market competition more and more active; In order to attract customers and improve their competitiveness in the current market, we must upgrade our technology, have our own core competitiveness, develop new machines, and also need to strengthen customization design and product services.

Chongqing Zixu Machinery Factory has been devoted to the research and development of marking machine for 13 years. It has a professional technical team and after-sales team, and has the experience of cooperation with large enterprises. It can make automatic assembly line mini-laser marking machine. It is an ideal marking machine manufacturer for you to design a free one-to-one marking scheme according to the marking products.

mini laser marking machine