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Metal laser marking machine gives him/his different love.

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Metal laser marking machine gives him/his different love.

San Mao said, "If you give me the same thing as you give others, then I won't do it." Have you ever thought that in this age of personality, we can easily express our feelings, but not easily moved?has been very attentive, said, flowers also sent, why is that person just a light smile, shallow response? Zixu tells you, not because you do not care, but too unintelligent, metal laser marking machine let your mind immediately present, let him feel different, give you full expression, to him warm heart.

metal laser marking machine

You can put what you want to say, or the other person's photos, or your photos are engraved on the gift of him, whether it is mother and daughter, girlfriend, or lovers, the relationship between you will be instantly warmed up, guaranteed!

If your boutique can have a metal laser marking machine, so that your gift excellence, you will gain a large number of iron powder customers, your income will increase, if your enterprise needs more personalized customization, we will provide professional support, tailor-made for you belong to your enterprise marking machine.

metal laser marking machine

Laser has many advantages in metal marking than traditional mechanical metal marking.
1. Laser marking does not need to contact with the engraved workpiece, so it saves a lot of jigs and tools, and the workpiece will not produce internal stress after marking, to ensure the original accuracy of the workpiece.
2, no corrosion on the work surface, no tool wear, no toxicity and no pollution.
3. The high precision characteristics of laser engraving are also especially suitable for the processing of complex graphics.
4. The marker will not fade because of the environmental relationship (touch, acidity and reducing gas, high temperature, low temperature, etc.), and has high anti-counterfeiting.
5. Non-contact: Laser marking is a non-mechanical "light knife" for processing, can be printed on any regular or irregular surface marking.
6, low running cost: marking speed is fast, marking is formed at a time, energy consumption is low, and operation cost is low. Although the equipment investment of laser marking machine is larger than that of traditional marking equipment, but from the operating cost, the use of laser marking machine is much lower.

Applicable industries: electronic components, hardware products, tool accessories, integrated circuits (IC), electrical appliances, mobile phone communications, precision instruments, glasses, clocks, jewelry, automotive accessories, plastic buttons, building materials, PVC pipes, PPR pipes, medical devices and other industries.

metal laser marking machine

Chongqing ZIXu marking machine factory, your side marking machine expert! Square
Chongqing Zixu Machinery Factory, founded in 2005, is a leading enterprise specialized in research, development, production and sales of marking machines and accessories. It is also a professional production base of marking industry. The annual output of marking machines, pneumatic marking machines, electric marking machines and laser marking machines has reached more than 500, marking needles (including pneumatic and electric marking machines). Annual output of more than 100 thousand sets. The company has advanced technology, strengthened management, advanced domestic processing technology and production equipment, can provide all kinds of marking products needed in the market. The company has its own brand - Zixu, has many electric marking series of products, enjoys a high reputation in the marking and scaling industry. The company has import and export management rights, is Beibei District. Export earning enterprises. In order to do a better job of products and services, the company's products have passed the EU certification and export of the United States FDA certification, products have passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification.