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How does the PCB QR code laser marking machine be applied on the PCB board?​

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Professional laser marking equipment manufacturers

ZIXU factory provide laser marking machine manufacture,laser marking equipment


Which is good for laser equipment manufacturers?

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Do you know why the mini laser marking machine is active?

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ZIXU marking machine in Canton Fair

ZIXU marking machine in Canton Fair,our factory provide laser marking machine,dot peen marking machine,as marking machine manufacturer provide customize marking system.


Metal laser marking machine gives him/his different love.

Laser has many advantages in metal marking than traditional mechanical metal marking.


zixu "Bangkok international trade&exhibition Thailand exhibition

zixu \"Bangkok international trade&exhibition Thailand exhibition,The exhibition for Fiber Laser Marking Machine,CO2 Laser Marking Machine,Metal Laser Marking Machine,Pin Marking Machine,ZIXU laser


Raycus Portable Steel Plate Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Zixu Machinery Factory produces portable steel branded marking machines, portable laser marking machines, and Raycus laser marking machines.


ZIXU laser the first half of 2018 summer camp trip report

ZIXU laser ,Laser marking machine,Marking Machine, the first half of 2018 summer camp trip report is very funny.


Pneumatic Dot Peen Marking Machine For Large Metal Parts Marking

large metal parts marking,portable dot peen marking machine for sale, making system For the convenience of our customers, we have also made a push cart, put the controller and machine on the push cart, and designed a socket in the push cart, which can be conveniently plugged in and used by the marking machine at any time. The customer\'s large workpiece product cannot be moved, so you can move and push the cart, The operation is simple and easy. Move the push cart next to the customer\'s large marking piece and you can start marking.


VIN number marking machine

Because many car frames, the car body marking scope is narrow, electromagnet can not be adsorbed on the body very well, so the engineer of the zixu specially customizes a fixture. When it starts to marking, two cylinders under the fixture can be fixed on the body, so it is fixed and marking, the marking machine will not shake and beat. The marking effect is exquisite.


Zixu Machinery Factory employees spring activities in 2018

Spring April is a good season for spring tourism. On April 15th, the company organized employees to participate in the cherry picking activities at Xishanping Farm. The purpose of this event is to let everyone fly in the spring season, away from the intense work. Stress, close contact with nature, inspire enthusiasm for work and life


Buy laser marking machine for titanium metal

If you want to buy a laser marking machine, you can purchase it at Chongqing Zixu Machinery Plant (Chongqing Early Engraving Intelligent Equipment Machinery Co., Ltd.). Zixu was established in 2006 and is now a 12-year marking factory. The company\'s existing 10W, 20W, 30W, 50W fiber laser marking machine, 5w, 15w, CO2 laser marking machine, 3W, 5W UV laser marking machine. Zixu laser marking machine configuration is high, using imported German IPG laser and Chinese famous brand Raycus laser. The 50W laser marking machine can not only mark but also cut, cut 1mm metal, and cut 3mm copper without problems.


Dot Peen Part Marking On Round Surface

The dot peen part marking on round surface itself is a straight line running on the straight line of the guide rail. When marking the arc surface, it is marked on the workpiece with the help of a rotating fixture and so on, if it is marked vertically on the arc surface or on the pipe fitting, Or if you can find a relative plane, you can directly use a plane pneumatic marking machine,


Portable dot pin marking machine for vin number

The VIN marking Chuke marking machine is the car chassis, and the engine and the transmission box (VIN) vehicle identification number mark provides a complete set of solutions