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Portable Fiber Laser Marking Machine 50w

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Portable Fiber Laser Marking Machine 50w

The portable optical fiber laser marking machine is also called  as the handheld fiber laser marking machine.
 In order to solve the problem of the existing large parts laser marking, it is designed. The size of the whole 

machine and the computer host box is small and convenient. It can be carried out by hand. It can be mentioned

 in any place, and any large work piece is marked on it.This is a portable laser marking machine with a push 

pushcart with a movable push cart. The bottom plate of the pushcart is thickened steel plate, strong and strong, 

and can bear the weight of 45KG laser markingmachine body. And the push cart is made of white spray, with 

beautiful appearance and no rust, with fourwheels under the floor, easy to move. It is very suitable for outdoor

 marking. It is especially suitable for large workpiece marking. 


1. 100,000 hours of reliable , highest cost performance
2. Zero maintenance, no consumables
3. Compact design ,small size ,easy to move equipment ,
4. Advanced air-cooling system
5. Convenient and easy to use,best marking effect/fastest marking speed


The marking machine adopts 50W watt laser, the marking range is 100x100mm, the laser power is large, and 

the marking speed is fast. It can be used for marking the circular steel tube with diameter 48-245mm and over 

1 meters in length. A series of serial numbers can be labeled, which effectively solved the difficult problem of

 the steel pipe marking of the Lithuanian customers.


Laser power


Laser Wavelength


Light beam quality


Repeating precision


Marking range

110x110mm 200x200mm 300x300mm(customize)

Marking depth


Marking speed


Minimum character


Minimum line width


Repeating frequency


Marking content

Graphics, text, bar codes, two-dimensional code,

 date, batch number, serial number

Graphic format supported


working voltage




Gross Weight


Control interface

standard USB port

Working environment

Clean and dust free or dust less

Laser module life

100000~200000 hours

difference of fiber laser marking machine & Co2 laser 

Fiber laser marking machine is mainly used to marking on metal and majority nonmetal material,but there also 

some nonmetal material that it can't reach,such as glass, stone,leather,paper and wood,etc.,these material is 

needed CO2 laser marking machine to work on it.


Company Information 

Chongqing Zixu Machine Works - the company founded in 2006, is a professional R & D, production

, sales of marking machine and accessories products, marking industry leading enterprises. We 

have reached the marking machine (dynamic electric and laser gas) annual output of more than 

1000 sets, marking needle (including pneumatic and electric) the annual output of more than 100000.

 The company's own brand – Zixu, Chongqing city famous brand, has many electric marking 

series of patent, enjoy high reputation in the markup scale industry. The company has the right to operate 

import and export, is Beibei District of Chongqing City export key enterprises.


Packaging & Shipping

We have two types of packing: suit for air and ocean transportation.Packing by wooden case, more security 

delivery with heavier weight and higher freight